The Value of Intellectual Property

Scott King Vs. Tommy Lee, Motley Crue

On September 20, 2012 an Intellectual Property lawsuit was filed against Tommy Lee and his band Motley Crue (2012, 17). According to the accuser, Scott King, he developed the idea and concept that Tommy Lee calls the, “Tommy Lee Loop Coaster.” The Loop Coaster is a drum set attached to wheels that follows a loop track. This ultimately allows the drummer to spin with the drum set and play the drums upside down.

Scott King claims that he came up with idea and concept. The intellectual property issues at hand in this case are copyright and patents. King claimed that he told Lee his idea for this invention in secrecy and that a confidentiality agreement was drawn up for this idea. The signed agreement was conveniently lost at some point.

I understand why an individual would be upset if their idea was stolen, as Mr. King claims. He sees the fame and fortune made from concerts that used the Loop Coaster. If Scott King had a patent for his creation, then he could have made a profit by selling it to Motley Crue, other bands, and companies. Another reason a creator would want their work to be protected would be because after one person has patented the idea, they wouldn’t be able to patent or copyright the exact same idea.

Unfortunately for Mr. King, copyright does not protect an idea; especially an idea that he cannot prove that he developed. Copyright only protects a fixed medium, such as the actual Loop Coaster. Since King never obtained a patent or copyright, anyone could create and patent the idea as his or her own.


The objective of this post:

  • Appreciate the value of Intellectual Property within the entertainment industry
  • Identify the different types of Intellectual Property
  • Understand how the owners of Intellectual Property benefit from the exclusive rights they hold to their works.
  • Apply concepts from your textbook and additional course readings


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Please Vote

*Update*  Voting ended on 8/15/13- I finished in 8th place 🙂

Hey everyone, guess what!? My picture from The Red Hot Chili Peppers concert I attended at the Firefly Music Festival made it into the Top 25! Please follow the link below and vote on my picture! Thanks followers 🙂

June 21, 2013

This is the picture that I entered 🙂

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3 Days of Peace & Music

Independent Research Entry


(2009, 19)

”[to crowd] This is the largest group of people ever assembled in one place, and I think you people have proven something to the world: that a half a million kids can get together and have three days of fun and music and have nothing *but* fun and music, and I God bless you for it!” – Max Yagsur



The Woodstock Music Festival was held on August 1969 in New York State. At this time the stress levels in America were at a record high! A new president was just elected, the Vietnam War was still taking place, and protests were on the rise (2013, 01)! It seemed like there was no escape from the negativity, like there was no hope. Finally, four men decided to create an event that would create peace through freedom, love, and music. This event would not only change the lives of the 400,000 concert attendees and the 32 acts, but it would change Rock & Roll music forever.

The Impact on Music
First of all, I must say that Woodstock wasn’t the drug infested, chaotic, violent party that the media portrayed it to be in 1969. The intended purpose of Woodstock played out just as the creators hoped; it demonstrated peace and a place for the world to get away from their problems for a few days.

Big names, such as Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Carlos Santana, and Janis Joplin, performed at the festival. With 32 amazing and popular bands, with the rainy weather, and the thousands of people, it is a wonder how violence and chaos did not erupt. This was proof that love could conquer everything. This was what America needed to prove that Rock & Roll didn’t promote violence, as many say. Rock & Roll could bring peace and comfort through live music. As Mr. Miller said (2013, 01), “It had become a market that the music industry had yet to fully tap.”

Woodstock was the start to a large array of music festivals across the United States. Other than the recreation (or attempt to) of Woodstock, there are a ton of music festivals held each year in areas like the 600-acre dairy farm that Woodstock took place at. I happened to attend one of the three-day festivals that took place this year in Delaware, called The Firefly Music Festival. While I can’t fully compare it to Woodstock because the festivals are too commercialized these days, I would like to think that I was able to feel at least an ounce of what people did 44 years ago at Woodstock. I felt the peace, the joy, and the love around me. Woodstock taught America that we could unify ourselves with music (2013, 01).

I think that the most important thing that Woodstock left us with was the will power people had afterward to spread love, equality, and environmentalism (2012). Woodstock was a pivotal moment for many young people. It was the moment they knew what they wanted to give to the world, whether that was their music, their voice, or their vote.

 My Thoughts on Woodstock
It’s been 44 years and Woodstock is still a well-known topic in the Music Industry. I know that 5 years from now, I will still be studying this event. The procedures for setting the event up will be pertinent in my future musical endeavors. I know that no matter what our country is going through, a little bit of music can create some sort of freedom for everyone. Woodstock taught me that a music festival is the perfect way to introduce new artists.  Carlos Santana, for example, wasn’t well known until he attended Woodstock (2008, 08)! Being that he performed with the other big names, at a large festival, developed a good reputation for him!

Woodstock made it possible for young adults, like myself, to come together in a wild and free atmosphere and just relax. There is so much criticism that surrounds the story of Woodstock, but I believe that it was a beautiful and powerful event. Woodstock was a treat to those who attended. I could never be get tired of hearing stories about Woodstock because it’s history has impacted me so deeply.

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Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP” Podcast

Independent Research Podcast Entry

*Background music is songs from Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP. I do not own any rights to the songs and this is strictly for educational use.

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Electronic Music Innovations Entry

(2012, 16)

“For me, it’s important to believe in and love the music you’re making.” – Skrillex



Skrillex’s Musical Impact
Sonny Moore, also known as Skrillex went from being a band member, to being a sought after DJ, to becoming a highly anticipated music producer. Skrillex has taken advantage of the impact technology and the Internet has had on the music industry. Skrillex has been experimenting with electronic music since he was 14 years old.
After touring with a Punk Rock band as a teenager, Skrillex decided to delve more into Electronic music. Skrillex has always refused to be restricted by just one musical genre and tends to venture into many different genres. With synth melodies and wah-wah bass, he describes his music as, “a mixture of Dubstep, Electro, and Glitch (2013).” Skrillex ended the bad sigma Electronica Dance music had gained by reinventing it with a mixture of genres that everyone could move to.

As a very young child, Skrillex was influenced by Michael Jackson. (2013, 17).  It wasn’t until he got his first guitar at age 9 that he became interested in Rock music. While Skrillex admits that he can he can find inspiration in almost anything, his mentions that he grew up listening to Autechre, Squarepusher, and Aphex Twin.

My Impression of Skrillex
I love that Skrillex can draw influence from just about anything. He pours all of his creativity into his music, like a painter does with a canvas. His determination and passion are what make him a great role model for new artists. His success story is inspirational. He followed his dreams by working hard even when times were tough and it paid off in the end. He lets the music lead and control him, which is exactly how every legend was born. I am not saying that he has reached legendary status yet, but if he continues to transform music the way he has, then he could go above and beyond other innovators.

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Electronic Music Entry

(2007, 08)

Kraftwerk’s Beginning and Image



Kraftwerk is a German band that emerged with a new and unusual style of music in the 1970’s. While other bands were releasing contemporary Pop music, Kraftwerk kept true to their German identity by releasing songs with German lyrics. (2008, 2). These lyrics were unusual because they lacked real meaning and depth. Their German songs basically made no sense, but the sound was so unique and unusual that they became an enormous international success.
Kraftwerk’s image was very structured and even robotic. They were very clean-cut, well-dressed musicians that moved like robots and looked like mannequins. Their image almost favored that of a German soldier. While performing, it’s looks as if every movement they make has been arranged. Their odd image combined with their electronic sound made them seem, what I would best describe as, extraterrestrial.

Kraftwerk’s Unique Music
 Kraftwerk introduced the world to electronic music. Every piece of electronic music can be dated back to an idea that Kraftwerk formulated. In the start of their career their music and image was so different and strange that audiences didn’t understand their style.
Kraftwerk used a synthesizer as a rhythmic instrument, making them the first to create the electronic drum kit. They performed live without a real drummer using this kit. Kraftwerk’s innovation is used every day in a wide range of genres.

Kraftwerk’s Albums (1974-1981)
 Like other Europeans with a classical background, each of Kraftwerk’s albums were based on a single concept. In their first international album, Autobahn, they used travel as a concept. The band literally took the time to listen to and recreate the sound of engines, the sound of a train on a track, and the sound of a car rolling down a highway. The idea of taking a normal, every day sound and using electronic music to recreate it is an extraordinary innovation that many musicians still implement to this very day.
After releasing Autobahn in 1974, Kraftwerk polished up their musical sound and took advantage of the new technological advances. They released their second album, titled Radio-Activity, at the end of 1974. Radio-Activity combined the sound of nuclear energy and radio. This album was a lot different than Autobahn in the sense that it was more meaningful and whimsical. By this time, Kraftwerk was very experimental. They finally transitioned into entirely electronic equipment.
Kraftwerk took a few years off and in 1977 Kraftwerk released Trans-Europe Express. The concept of this album was that of a train journey. You will hear the emulation of a train, that I mentioned earlier, in the this album. This albums’ focus was on distorted vocals, repetitive rhythms, and simplicity. This album had a huge success in the US.
The next two albums released were Man-Machine (2005, 3) in 1978 and Computer World in 1981. While Kraftwerk’s music has been described as out of this world at times, Man-Machine is the album that confirms it. With songs like, “We Are Robots,” it is evident that this bad is making it a point to detach themselves from reality. As for Computer World, (2005, 15) the theme is technology. It is no surprise that Kraftwerk used technology as an album concept, since their entire style is based on electronics. This album contains everything that Kraftwerk is known for: interesting beeps, heavy synthesizers, and catchy melodies. This album is considered the last of their great albums.

My Impression of Kraftwerk
Kraftwerk is definitely one of the most experimental and successful bands of it’s generation. The imagination, creativity, and talent in their music deserve recognition. This band basically created the Electronic music genre. That’s impressive! Their techniques and styles are used in a wide variety of music, still today. I enjoy their unique sound and I think that their music is fun to listen to.

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Multimedia Presentation- Brian Eno

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